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Jackson Riviera

A comfortable built-in backrest and plenty of leg-room make it easy to spend a day on the water in the Riviera. This is a very forgiving and stable kayak that will not easily flip over. It’s a boat that is easy to maneuver and makes a great choice for a paddler of any skill level. With plenty of room for a small cooler or gear in the back of the boat, there’s no reason not to spend an entire day on the water in this cool kayak!  

Stats: Length: 11’4”, Weight: 58 lbs, Capacity: 300 lbs

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Perception Sound

A traditional sit-inside kayak with a modern design. Roomy and easy to paddle, the Sound maintains its line and stays relatively straight when paddling. Two built-in rod holders are a great fishing accessory for the angler in your group, whether you are fishing for trout on the White River or smallmouth bass on the Kings Rivers. This kayak features a large rear storage area where you can keep plenty of gear and an iced-down cooler (available to rent from Float Eureka). The Sound provides more protection from wind and waves than a sit-on-top kayak if the temperatures are cool, but is a great option even in the heat of summer.

Stats: Length: 10’6”, Weight: 46 lbs, Capacity: 335 lbs)

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Dagger Torrent

The Dagger Torrent is a lot of fun - quick and agile, turns on a dime, and easy to maneuver on up to Class III water. The attached knee straps provide additional control over the kayak for edging and allow you an extra feature with which to work on improving your kayaking skills. A great choice for river-running, or just for playing around on flat-water, you can take this rental on virtually any body of water. There isn't a ton of room for a cooler or gear, but you can strap some cargo to the back!  Due to its versatility and whitewater capabilities, we are partial to the Torrent here at Float Eureka. 

Length: 10’1”, Weight: 48 lbs, Capacity: 250 lbs

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