Step 1: Book your boat online 

Or by phone, or in person. 

Step 2: Pick up your Boat/ Get a Wanderoo Shuttle 

If you want to pick up your boat, we can help strap your boat to your vehicle with temporary foam racks and straps, and our inflatable stand up paddleboards roll up into a small size that will easily fit inside any vehicle!   

If you do not want to transport your boat, Wanderoo Shuttles from Float Eureka to the White River are available Thurs-Sun.  Shuttles depart at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm.  Limited availability.  

Step 3: Take your boat to any of our recommended destinations!

Or any other river or lake in the area. We'll give you a Trip Guide to show you where you're going and assist with your trip!    

Visit our DESTINATIONS page for details, directions, and photos of these locations.