Step 1: Choose your craft


Tower Inflatable SUPs

All the performance of a plastic/epoxy SUP but with none of the transportation headaches! Each Tower SUP rolls up into a compact bundle that will fit in any vehicle. When you arrive at your destination, simply unroll the SUP, attach the pump to the grey valve in the rear, and air it up to between 10-15 PSI. You’ll be standing on air, but won’t even know it!  Includes a hand-pump, which takes 5-10 minutes to inflate the SUP to capacity. We also have a car-charger powered electric pump for rent for an additional change.  When your day on the water is finished, simply deflate the sup, roll it up from the bow to the stern, and attach the storage strap.

Adventurer 1 iSUP  (Length: 9’10”, Weight: 24 lbs, Weight capacity: 300 lbs)  

Adventurer 2 iSUP  (Length: 10’4”, Weight: 25 lbs, Weight capacity: 350 lbs)  

Photo Jun 24, 11 54 07 AM.jpg

Jackson SUPernatural

Whether paddling down the river or relaxing on the lake, the SUPernatural is right at home on nearly any body of water.  Extremely stable and great for beginners, this SUP is made from rotomolded polyethylene with foam pads to stand on - which means that it’s durable and comfortable but heavy, bulky, and difficult to transport (both on your vehicle and to and from the water!).  Although more unwieldy to transport than inflatable SUPs, you don’t have to inflate the SUP when you arrive.  Plenty of room for your dog or a cooler, or maybe even a second person!

(Length: 11’7”, Weight: 63 lbs, Weight Capacity: 350 lbs)


Jackson Riviera

Stable, but nimble. Comfortable back rest and plenty of room to stretch out your legs (or for your furry friend to ride up front!). A very forgiving boat - easy to maneuver and stays in a relatively straight line on the water. Room for a small cooler or gear in the stern. The loaded full size SUV of the fleet!

(Length: 11’4”, Weight: 58 lbs, Weight capacity: 300 lbs)


Perception Sound

A more traditional sit-inside kayak with a modern design. Roomy, easy to paddle, the Sound stays relatively straight when paddling. Two built-in rod holders for the angler in your group. The boat features a large area to keep a cooler or gear in the rear storage area. Provides more protection from wind and waves than a sit-on-top. But if you do tip, it's harder to empty out the water!

(Length: 10’6”, Weight: 46 lbs, Capacity: 335 lbs)  

Photo Jun 18, 8 03 42 PM.jpg

Dagger Torrent

This kayak is a lot of fun:  quick and agile, turns on a dime, easy to maneuver! The Torrent’s attached knee straps slide over your knees if you want additional control over the boat. A great choice for river-running, or just for playing around on flat-water. The molded-in plastic seat does not have a back rest, and there is limited room for a cooler or gear - the Torrent sacrifices comfort for performance. The sports coupe of the fleet!  

(Length: 10’1”, Weight: 48 lbs, Capacity: 250 lbs)  

Photo Apr 09, 11 04 35 AM.jpg

Grab bag

Whatever we’ve got left in the boat barn!  This category may include smaller kayaks that are great for kids, a sit-on-top fishing kayak with rod holders, and lighter, easier-to-carry sit-inside kayaks.

Photo Apr 16, 6 58 38 PM.jpg


The perfect vessel for a family of two or three (humans, canines, or some combination thereof). Ideal for a river trip (particularly an overnight camp-out), or if you need to haul a full-size cooler and gear. More difficult to transport with certain vehicles. Canoe construction materials may consist of either aluminum or Royalex depending on what’s in stock.

(Length: 16’, Weight: 60+ lbs, Weight capacity:  800+ lbs)  

You’re gonna want the full day.
— Rachel S.