Do you provide shuttles?


Yes, we offer canoe and kayak shuttle service to the White River through our on-site hotel/restaurant/bar partner, the Wanderoo Lodge! Shuttles for Float Eureka rentals only, no private boat shuttles available. Shuttles depart at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm each day and cost $15 per person; if you're using the shuttle, payment is due to them upon arrival. Alternatively, you are free to pick up your boats and take them to any area river or lake - we'll provide you with straps, pads, and information about where to go! And our inflatable stand up paddleboards easily roll up into a small size and fit inside any vehicle - they don't require a shuttle and are a great option for the lake!


What do I need in order to rent a boat?


You will need a valid credit card and a driver’s license. You must leave one of these items at our shop while you are using our boats to ensure that you return them promptly prior to close of business.


Do I need racks on my vehicle if I want to pick up my boats?


No way! Our inflatable stand up paddleboards will easily fit inside any vehicle - each one is the size of a small rolled-up air mattress, and you just inflate it when you arrive at your destination. If you have a truck, we can easily strap boats into the bed of your truck. If you have a large van, our smaller kayaks will fit inside of vehicles. For other vehicles, we have temporary foam racks that strap to the roof of your vehicle and allow transportation of kayaks, canoes, or plastic stand up paddleboards on top of your car, just like a normal metal rack. If you have racks, you are already set and we are happy to help you put them to work!


How long can I rent a boat for?


We provide Short Day (up to 3 hours), Full Day (more than 3 hours), and Multi Day options. You can easily book each of these rental options online - check our book now page! If you need to keep a boat during the week when we're not normally open, contact us and we'll do our best to work with you!


What if I damage your gear?


When you rent from Float Eureka, you are responsible for taking care of the boats and equipment (paddle, life jacket, and stand up paddleboard pumps). If you lose or damage a boat or equipment, you are responsible for the repair or replacement cost of the boat or equipment whether or not the damage or loss was your fault. Your security hold will be automatically applied to the repair or replacement cost of any damaged boat or equipment.


How do I choose the right boat for me?


All of our boats (kayaks, canoes, stand up paddleboards) are suitable for all skill levels — whether you’re an experienced paddler or a beginner that’s never tried paddleboarding. Our website will help you determine what to expect when handling each of our boats. There’s a different experience associated with each, so we encourage you to think about what type of experience you’re seeking, explore our website to see what boat is right for you, and, of course, come consult with our staff! Make sure you come back and try a different boat on your next trip!


Can I cancel my reservation?


We are unable to accept cancellations without at least 48 hours notice. If timing is the issue please contact us about rescheduling and we will try our best to find a time that works better for you and your crew. Please note that we are unable to offer refunds for inclement weather.


Arkansas Boating Laws

  • You must have a life jacket on board your kayak, canoe, or stand up paddleboard for each person on board the vessel.

  • Children 12 years old and younger must wear a life jacket that is properly secured while on board the vessel.

  • You are prohibited from bringing glass containers on rivers and lakes except containers for substances prescribed by a licensed physician.

  • If you have a beverage, you must keep it in a floating beverage holder or a beverage holder that is designed not to sink (such as a beverage holder with a wearable strap).

  • Coolers must have lids that lock or seal to keep the contents inside if the vessel tips over. Styrofoam coolers are prohibited. Trash must be kept in a mesh bag or a study container (i.e., a cooler) with a lid that locks or seals.

Float Eureka wants to help you comply with Arkansas boating laws and help us keep Arkansas's waterways clean! We include a life jacket for each person with our boat rentals . We have floating beverage holders for sale and mesh trash bags for use and sale. We also have coolers with lids that zip available for rent!

Please see Arkansas Code Annotated Sections 8-6-418 and 27-101-203 for additional information.